3 Ways to Use RightFind® to Combat Your Information Management Challenges

What are your top challenges managing R&D content and providing information services? Every corporate information management center is different, but industry trends show a clear pattern of pain points, regardless of company size.
According to Outsell, in 20171, information challenges at the forefront were:

  • taking the reins of data
  • navigating shifting budgets
  • managing smarter tools

Whether your top challenge is budget, access, or insight into how content is performing, here’s a look at three real-life stories from your peers in life sciences and biotech, and how they approach solving these common challenges.

Biotech Enterprise Needed to Ensure They Were Making Strategic Content Investments

When budget is tight, you need to feel confident you’re allocating your funds strategically. Outsell research2 suggests even those information managers with slightly increasing budgets can’t keep pace with rising content prices.

One international biotech company was concerned about budget. It was difficult to determine if researchers were utilizing the information management center’s resources, and how often they were being used. Researchers weren’t always aware of what resources they had available, making for unnecessary duplicate ordering. On the flip side, information managers weren’t sure which content their researchers found most beneficial, so they weren’t investing in subscription licenses they should’ve been.

RightFind® enabled the organization to track orders in a way that was not previously possible. As a result, they were able to optimize content expenditures and focus on the information that was most critical to their employees. This meant increasing subscription licenses to journals where there had been a high reliance on document delivery, and broadening the use of token or prepaid plans offered by publishers when doing so would be more cost-effective.

Plus, by connecting employees directly to the content they are looking for, RightFind eliminated the need for library personnel to mediate employee requests for content, thereby freeing up time for more strategic initiatives.

Drug Development Company Needed to Ensure Users Have Access On-The-Go

Content is only beneficial if it can be accessed. Managing the issues associated with IP-based access is not only time-consuming for information managers —

it’s a barrier to internal customer satisfaction.
For example, one drug development services company had information managers who were spending too much time gathering data on employee IP addresses to manage content access. On top of this being a burdensome task, legal counsel was concerned that use of IP authentication and manual collection of IP addresses created a risk that more people had access to subscriptions than were covered under the company’s agreements.

Because library administrators couldn’t easily report on which division or department was using subscriptions and ordering individual documents, the risk of infringement or violating subscription license terms was a concern.

Their solution was to utilize the RightFind® content workflow system, eliminating the need to manage employee IP addresses. This reduced the risk of access by unauthorized users, and allowed library administrators to collect detailed content access and order data.
The result? They could facilitate chargebacks to appropriate departments, and minimize infringement risk.

Contract Research Organization's Corporate Library Needed to Make Their Presence Known to the C-Suite

It has never been more important to make sure your organization understands the value of the information management center and the resources it provides to researchers and other users.

To prove value, you need to back up your claims with data that’s easy to consume for your different internal departments across the organization. But without an simple way to compile and present data, information managers are faced with a massive series of manual tasks.
This was the challenge for a contract research organization with a small information management team. Hours were being spent pulling monthly invoices, using pivot tables and transforming spreadsheets into graphics.

Today, the team utilizes RightFind® Business Intelligence, which provides analytics through on-demand data visualizations. This information is presented to stakeholders across the organization on a regular basis, ensuring the C-suite is aware of the information management center’s value.

The difference? Now the team can focus on telling the story and demonstrating the strategic value of the information management center and spend less time transforming that data.

What do these Organizations Have in Common?

Regardless of industry, company size or immediate team needs, these companies have recommitted to the value of information management, and are poised to use the best content and data tools in the future.

RightFind®, from CCC and its subsidiary RightsDirect, is a content workflow solution that connects your colleagues to the full range of high-value copyrighted information they want – anytime, anywhere. Advanced administrative features include the ability to customize the solution to meet the unique needs of your employees, as well as sophisticated usage and spending analytics tools available in RightFind Business Intelligence.

The result? Fueling research more efficiently, maximizing the value of your subscriptions and elevating the strategic value of information management.


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