The CLA & CCC Joint Multinational Licence Permission Grid

Licence Coverage

The licence allows you to lawfully re-use content across borders in several ways.

Permission License Coverage
Share digital or printed content internally with co-workers via email, intranet posting or PDF Included
Save to corporate-owned hard drive or network drive Included
Store articles for records, projects and/or product literature databases Included
Select and copy portions of digital articles and share with colleagues within your organisation worldwide Included
Attach copies of articles to internal communications such as newsletters, training materials and presentations Included
Share digital content internally via collaboration applications such as IBM® Notes® or MS SharePoint® Included
Scan printed works into digital form when an electronic version of the work is not readily available Included
Print out web-based or other digital content onto paper or overhead slides Included
Provide a single, responsive digital or print copy of an article to a customer or prospect upon request Included
Submit photocopied and digital copies of articles to government bodies for regulatory filings Included


The CLA & CCC Joint Multinational Copyright Licence is generally intended to permit distribution of articles on a periodic, non-systematic basis to other people within an organisation. It is not meant to replace subscriptions that you or other people in the organisation need in the ordinary context of your work. The licence also does not cover the external display of copies on mobile devices as part of the user’s systematic sales or marketing activities.