Copyright Licences & Software Solutions

Copyright can be confusing. Getting relevant information can be time consuming. Roadblocks to research can be expensive.

RightsDirect offers global licencing and content solutions that fuel innovation, power publishing, and respect copyright.

Our copyright licences make sharing and storing information easy for employees of global companies. Your users around the world can also depend on a consistent set of usage rights from rightsholders included in the license.

Our software solutions connect employees to the information they need quickly. Through our solutions, employees can turn information into knowledge and accelerate new discoveries.

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Copyright Licences and Software

Product Major Benefit
The Multinational Copyright Licence  Share and store published content across borders
The VG WORT Digital Copyright Licence
Region: Germany
Share and store published content across borders from German and international sources
The CLA & CCC Joint Multinational Copyright Licence
Region: UK
Share and store content from millions of UK, American and international information sources while respecting copyright
 RightFind® Streamline fast, easy access to the full range of high-value copyrighted information employee need — anytime, anywhere.
 RightFind® XML for Mining Accelerates scientific discovery by giving you direct access to full-text articles in a normalized XML format.
 RightFind® Business Intelligence The only solution to combine analytical tools for insights on content usage and spending with budget tools to help you justify your content investment.
 RightFind® Insight Turn information into knowledge and accelerate new discoveries by bringing the power of semantic enrichment to the search and reading experience