RightFind® Business Intelligence FAQs

What is RightFind Business Intelligence?


RightFind Business Intelligence from RightsDirect combines analytical tools for insights on content usage, and spending and budgeting tools to help you justify your content investment.

How can RightFind Business Intelligence help me?


RightFind Business Intelligence analytics and budgeting tools enable you to:

  • Make data-driven decisions to optimize and justify your content investments.
  • Get content usage and spend insights in seconds by tapping into aggregated data sources.
  • Create presentations quickly and easily to demonstrate the return on your content investment to key stakeholders.
  • Use business value metrics to increase the visibility of information services and demonstrate the strategic value of content at your company.
  • Shorten your budget planning cycle with powerful forecasting and analytics tools so you can focus on other priorities.
  • Gain deep insight into content usage for specific publishers and/or publications, both subscribed and unsubscribed, to inform current and future content
  • Get a single view of all your COUNTER sources and status to ensure your data is up to date.
  • Stay informed about changes to your content portfolio throughout the year, including COUNTER data availability, subscription, and token status changes that may require attention.

How do the reports RightFind Business Intelligence offers differ from the reports available in RightFind?


RightFind offers reports on content usage within the platform. RightFind Business Intelligence provides rich, dynamic visualizations of enterprise-wide content usage data and retrieves COUNTER statistics automatically via SUSHI, displaying them with the same dynamic visualization tools. RightFind Business Intelligence also provides budgeting tools that allow administrators to create working budgets and run scenarios for budget planning.

Can I configure reports to meet my organization’s unique needs?


Yes. The data underpinning the reports in RightFind Business Intelligence can be configured based on your organization’s structure, terminology, and preferences. For example, you can:

  • Set your own breakeven threshold when analyzing cost data.
  • Analyze usage and cost data by division, department, and location.
  • Modify settings for your business value metrics to reflect your company’s R&D processes.

What reports are available in RightFind Business Intelligence?
RightFind Business Intelligence includes the following reports:


Report Benefits
Budget Health Check Report Use predictive analytics and powerful graphics to measure the overall health of your content collection.

  • Spot content usage and spending trends that could be problematic down the road by business unit or for the entire organization.
  • Identify low content usage early and ensuring resources are getting to the people who need them.
  • Visualize your organization’s token consumption rate so you don’t lose out on pre-purchased content.
COUNTER Report Save time gathering enterprise content usage statistics.

  • Track top journals, books, and databases and historical trends to drive content acquisition decisions.
  • Get insights into content usage by top journals, books,and databases.
  • View trends of top journals, books, and databases compared to the rest of the portfolio.
RightFind Usage and Spend Report View on-demand data visualizations to see how content is being used, by whom, and at what cost. Compare spending by business unit to identify site licensing or charge back opportunities.
Value Analytics Report Get insights on the value of content to your organization.

  • Identify usage patterns by business unit to understand what content is in the most demand.
  • Demonstrate the impact of content on your organization’s research and development process.
  • Show the value of your content portfolio and usage by business unit.
  • Understand what information is in high demand by business unit.
  • Demonstrate content alignment with your organization’s research priorities.
CAS SciFinder Report Track content usage data by location, division, or department for data-driven licensing decisions.
360 Report Gain deep insight into content usage for specific publishers and/or publications, both subscribed and unsubscribed, to inform content investments.

  • View a break even analysis by publisher, package, and publication to compare cost per use across content acquisition channels.
  • Get a forecast of annualized document delivery spend for unsubscribed content across an entire publisher’s portfolio or for a specific publication.
  • Gain insights into the number of times users are denied access on a publisher’s website due to a lack of a subscription and what percentage resulted in document delivery through RightFind.
  • Measure the volume of subscription usage through RightFind including top users and organizational units.

What budgeting tools are available in RightFind Business Intelligence?


RightFind Business Intelligence includes the following budgeting tools:

Tool Benefits
Budget Analysis Make data-driven subscription spending decisions and back them up with analytical reports that compare cost-per-use across content acquisition channels.
Budget Planning Simplify and shorten the budget planning process by starting with your current budget and running automated “what if?” scenarios to put an end to manual processes as you plan next year’s budget (e.g., What if my budget is cut by 5%? What if publishers increase rates by 3%?). Note, you must provide your current budget to get started.

What admin tools are available in RightFind Business Intelligence?


RightFind Business Intelligence includes the following admin tools:

Tool Benefits
COUNTER Credentials Save time by managing your COUNTER sources and their status in a single view to ensure your data is up-to-date.
Notifications Get the up-to-date status of your organization’s content portfolio and never miss an important change.

How can RightFind Business Intelligence improve communication with internal stakeholders?


With RightFind Business Intelligence, you can easily export all data, or data from individual chart views, in a variety of formats (PNG, PPTX, CSV, or PDF) and quickly create presentations to share with stakeholders in the organization.

What data do I need to provide to get started?


To get started using the budget tools available in RightFind Business Intelligence, you will need to provide your RightsDirect Client Engagement Manager with title and pricing data across your subscriptions and token accounts, as well as your document delivery budget. RightsDirect will provide a detailed list of the necessary data elements.

What tools are available to help me learn how to use RightFind Business Intelligence?


You will receive training from RightsDirect upon initial implementation. Your RightsDirect Client Engagement Manager is available to assist you on an ongoing basis. Helpful resources, such as training videos and a User Guide, are available on the RightFind Business Intelligence Help page.