Commercial Reprints and ePrints Services

Order copyright-compliant bulk reprints and ePrints with ease

Our Reprints and ePrints Service provides full-service delivery of high quality reprints and ePrints. We offer personalized service, custom billing and shipping, convenient order tracking, and helpful usage analytics.

Our dedicated team can also supply bulk article reprints — with fast turnaround and expedited delivery.

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  • Order copyright-compliant reprints from a large repertoire of global publishers
  • Articles from Oxford University Press, Elsevier, SpringerNature, Massachusetts Medical Society, and Wolters Kluwer Health are among recent customer orders
  • All orders include copyright clearance
  • Need to purchase a single article? Please visit CCC Marketplace.


  • Save money by consolidating orders made across the organization through our group purchasing option
  • Save time and resources by having our team do the work for you, from providing same-day quotes to locating local publishers to shipping your order
  • Enables customer compliance with copyright requirements

Learn how Commercial Reprints and ePrints support your business

Reprints - hard copies of documents

  • High-quality commercial reprints of journal articles in bulk quantities
  • European printing, distribution and storage
  • Order customization
  • Custom shrink-wrapping and repackaging options
  • Shipping management and tracking

ePrints - electronic equivalent of reprints delivered as a PDF or a direct link

  • Emailed links to secured journal articles
  • Insights to article usage, analytics and reporting
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Access articles from mobile devices for sales purposes

Copyright Permissions

  • Licensing services for reprints and ePrints
  • Copyright permissions coverage and verification for figures, charts,
    images and graphs
  • Permissions clearance for meetings, presentations, content reuse