About RightsDirect Japan

Bringing the benefits of RightsDirect and Copyright Clearance Center to Japan.

RightsDirect, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), was originally established in Amsterdam in 2010 to provide licensing solutions to European-headquartered companies to enable their employees around the world to reuse and share digital content, including across borders. Since then, the RightsDirect team has worked closely with our reproduction rights organization (RRO) partners around the world to create licensing and content solutions that make copyright work globally.

In 2014, RightsDirect appointed Mr. Toshiyuki Tomii as RightsDirect Japan Managing Director. Toshiyuki is responsible for enhancing relationships with RROs in Japan. As a first step, he is exploring opportunities to advance copyright solutions for the Japanese business community jointly with Japan Academic Association for Copyright Clearance (JAC), based on the bilateral agreement between CCC and JAC. For more information, please contact Toshiyuki Tomii, Managing Director, at info@rightsdirect.jp.