VG WORT Digital Copyright License

One License,
Millions of Publications

The German collecting society, VG WORT, and RightsDirect developed the VG WORT Digital Copyright License specifically for the needs of German companies and their worldwide subsidiaries. The license includes digital rights from over 400,000 rightsholders including world renowned publishers. With this license, employees can share content globally from millions of German and international sources while respecting the intellectual property of others.

  • Benefit from a consistent set of usage rights across all participating rightsholders
  • Share and store published content across borders
  • Simplify copyright compliance for your organization through legal sharing
  • Reduce time spent pursuing permissions individually
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3 in 1

1. Share

Attach a PDF to an e-mail sent to a colleague

Post articles to the intranet and internal collaboration platforms

Submit to government regulatory authorities

2. Store

Store to corporate-owned hard drives or corporate networks

Save for records, projects and/ or internal use product literature databases

3. Print

Print out material onto handouts or overhead slides for presentations

Getting a License is Easy

Businesses are fueled by information. In today’s global economy, organizations need to make it simple for employees to lawfully share digital content while managing copyright compliance. Clearing permissions on an individual basis from thousands of German and international rightsholders can prove quite challenging, especially for businesses with limited resources.

RightsDirect is committed to making copyright compliance easy. In line with this commitment, businesses can now purchase a VG WORT Digital Copyright License online.

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