7 Ways the Multinational Copyright License Accelerates Your Business

In a world where the sharing of information is essential to the advancement of your business, access to content is ubiquitous given our digital climate, and information management budgets face increasing scrutiny, it can be a challenge to find the right solution for managing copyright in the workplace.
RightsDirect’s Multinational Copyright License is a smart solution that goes beyond basic rights management to drive your business forward.

Here are the top 7 ways the Multinational Copyright License accelerates your business.

1. Saves valuable time and provides greater access to rights

Information fuels knowledge. The Multinational Copyright License delivers sharing rights to millions of journals, blogs, newspapers, eBooks and more from a collection of more than 12,000 publishers around the globe. Rights directly acquired from publishers can vary, and acquiring rights to reuse or share content on a one-off basis can be inefficient and costly. Identifying the correct publisher and individual contact, completing request forms, awaiting a response, and negotiating terms all takes time that most businesses cannot afford. The Multinational Copyright License removes the friction and delays associated with acquiring rights to reuse and share published content in the workplace and empowers employees by delivering a comprehensive, consistent set of rights. Not only does this greatly reduce the need for individual permissions, but also the likelihood of duplicate requests thereby saving your organization time.

2. Streamlines rights lookup within existing workflow

Work smarter, not harder. The Multinational Copyright License streamlines the look-up of content reuse rights from within existing employee workflows. When users do not know what rights are available to them, they are often left to check internal storage spaces or refer to a list of online subscriptions, which disrupts their
current workflow and slows productivity. RightsDirect’s complementary rights lookup tool RightFind® Advisor and other RightFind solutions seamlessly integrate with the Multinational Copyright License to offer the quickest, most reliable way for employees to confirm their rights to use and share specific content through a single platform.

3. Promotes collaboration among workers to drive business forward

Two minds are better than one. The Multinational Copyright License takes the guesswork out of copyright permissions. It includes a uniform set of sharing rights which adds value to a company’s existing content holdings, so employees can focus on collaborating and driving innovation. The Multinational Copyright License complements subscriptions and other primary content sources by empowering U.S.-based employees to compliantly share and store published information on company network drives, thereby fostering collaboration across global teams to build competitive intelligence, foster product development, or advance research.

Your employees rely on your company’s valuable content subscriptions and purchases — that is a constant. The Multinational Copyright License helps you get the most from that investment by creating uniformity across titles and publishers, and efficiency throughout your organization.

For times when employees are part of project teams that include staff from outside organizations and need to share articles and other published content to effectively support those joint projects, the Collaboration License (an amendment to your organization’s Multinational Copyright License) can be used to provide that extended coverage to project team members who are employees of collaboration partners which also maintain an Multinational Copyright License.

4. Elevates copyright knowledge

Awareness is key. No doubt, the world of copyright can be a confusing one. Sometimes, employees don’t know where to begin in understanding copyright, what is and isn’t protected, or even who to go to for confirming what permissions exist. The Multinational Copyright License simplifies and increases awareness of copyright,
and supports your company’s compliance efforts through RightsDirect’s world-class educational offerings. Complimentary webinars and copyright education tools are available to help further your compliance message and promote an environment that respects copyright.

5. Minimizes risk of potential copyright infringement and associated costs

Play it safe. A 2016 survey revealed that business professionals share information an average of 5.5 times per week with nine people and 36% of that information is published by third-parties such as scientific journals, news sources, and other publications.* As the frequency of content sharing in the workplace increases, so too does the risk of copyright infringement and its potential statutory damages and multi-million-dollar settlements. Add in associated legal fees, damage to your company’s reputation and the effect it can have on future business, and the costs really start to add up. The Multinational Copyright  License helps minimize this risk by offering the broadest set of content usage rights available through a single license and reducing the chance of unintentional infringement.

6. Accelerates response time to customers

At your service. Gain a competitive edge by answering individual customer requests for information with single copies of articles using rights already included in the Multinational Copyright License. Be more effective and remove delays in servicing your customers’ requests by eliminating the time and energy spent seeking additional permissions typically required to provide content in response to such requests.

7. Promotes corporate citizenship

Protect your brand. The Multinational Copyright License supports a company’s code of conduct and general business ethics by simplifying compliance and encouraging employees to respect copyright. When a company chooses the Multinational Copyright License, it sends a message the organization cares about conducting business ethically. Just as any business organization would expect users of its products to respect the company’s own intellectual property, a business that obtains the Multinational Copyright License is demonstrating respect for the rights of content creators.

By encouraging responsible business practices, your company is also reducing reputational and brand risk, thereby reinforcing its identity as a good corporate citizen.