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RightsDirect, the international subsidiary of Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), provides global licencing and content solutions that fuel innovation, power publishing, and respect copyright. Together, CCC and RightsDirect serve more than 35,000 companies and over 12,000 rightsholders around the globe.


Copyright: Doing the right thing

Infringement happens every day despite the best of intentions.

Technology continues to simplify how workers find and exchange information. Colleagues collaborate on a regular basis via email, cloud-based tools such as SharePoint and Teams, and company intranet pages.

Content Use: Right Versus Wrong

Additional rights are required to exchange and store published content including articles from trade and scientific journals and other publications. Doing so without obtaining these rights may infringe the copyrights of others. 

Respect and Fair Play

When companies don’t obtain the additional rights they need to reuse and store articles, rightsholders are not properly compensated for their work. Unintentional infringement is still infringement.

Doing the right thing is easy

Negotiating rights with numerous publishers can be inefficient and frustrating. In the fast-paced business world, getting the rights your organisation needs can seem like a road block to achieving your company’s goals.

The Multinational Copyright Licence from RightsDirect can help you simplify your corporate compliance policy requirements by providing the reuse rights you  most need in one licence.

If your coworkers share, reproduce or save digital information and compliance is important to you, the Multinational Copyright Licence is the only solution in the market today that consolidates so many of the rights that you need in one place.


The Multinational Copyright Licence: SImplifying copyright compliance

The Multinational Copyright Licence is an enterprise-wide, single source, global licencing solution that empowers companies to efficiently collaborate using published content, accelerate business results, and simplify copyright compliance.

Rights Across Millions of Published Works

With the Multinational Copyright Licence, employees in your organisation get a consistent set of storage and reuse rights that apply across copyrighted content from millions of publications from thousands of publishers around the world.

Drive Business Forward

The Multinational Copyright Licence increases efficiencies by reducing the amount of time spent verifying and obtaining individual permissions and accelerates collaboration across global teams, so your company can focus on what really matters – innovation.

Minimise Infringement Risk

The Multinational Copyright Licence helps minimise the risk of unintended copyright infringement by offering a consisten set of content reuse rights, so you can breathe easy knowing that your employees can collaborate using copyrighted materials while respecting the rights of content creators.

Get the Most Value Out of the Licence

RightsDirect’s RightFind® solutions offer the quickest, most reliable way for employees to confirm rights included in the licence to share reuse lawfully-acquired content, all without leaving their workflow. A RightsDirect licencing representative can advise you on which RightFind content management solution is right for you.

When do you need the Multinational Copyright License?

  • If you store copies of articles in a product literature database..
  • If you submit supporting articles to government agencies as required as part of regulatory or patent filings.
  • If you need to email a PDF of a journal article to a colleague in connection with a collaborative project you are working on together.
  • If compliance and social responsibility is important to your company.
  • If you want to concentrate on your work without having to worry about copyright infringement.
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