It’s business as usual.

Organizations run on information, so it makes sense that activities involving sharing and storing articles are part of your everyday business routine. But many sharing and storing activities aren’t usually covered by your subscription.

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Sharing may lead to infringement.

Most people simply don’t know that additional rights and permissions – beyond those included with your subscription or individual document purchase – may be needed when you want to share and store articles. That means everyday business activity could lead to infringing on the copyrights of others.

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We have a solution.

Together with world renowned publishers, we created a single license that allows employees of multinational companies to legally share and store millions of articles.

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One license – millions of publications. The RightsDirect Multinational Copyright License includes millions of reuse rights across thousands of publishers. And our content workflow tools make it easy to understand rights and get content – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

The Multinational Copyright License

  • Millions of usage rights in one license
  • Legally share and store publications
  • No more gathering individual permissions
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