At Akzonobel, a leading force in the global chemical market, hundreds of researchers rely on scientific literature to advance the R&D pipeline. That’s why they utilize RightFind Enterprise.

Jenny Kromhout is like many information professionals who once was part of a larger information department, and now operates as a team of one in the larger R&D division. As a solo librarian, she is responsible for selecting the tools that hundreds of researchers rely on for reading and reporting on scientific literature to advance the R&D pipeline. She’s undoubtedly busy, and she needed a solution that provided self-service options, so researchers could access information without her intervention.

Jenny selected RightFind Enterprise as the company’s tool to find, manage, and collaborate on scientific, medical and technical (STM) content. Ease of use and the ability for researchers to order and search for their own information were key factors when looking for a content management workflow. Another main benefit of RightFind is how easily token subscriptions, a pre-paid package offered by publishers, are baked into the system.

Today at AkzoNobel, researchers can search for any article and RightFind will first check if it can be delivered through the company’s token subscriptions. If it can, RightFind instantly fetches the PDF by consuming a token from their subscription with the publisher and delivers that PDF to the user.

Our frequent users know RightFind inside and out.

Jenny Kromhout Document Administration Specialist, AkzoNobel

About AkzoNobel

From decorative, to automotive and specialty coatings, as well as marine, industrial paints, and powders coatings for metals, AkzoNobel has been a leading force in the global chemical market since the late 18th century. Their innovation shows no signs of slowing; they currently operate 70 R&D locations across 48 countries.

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