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Best practices in editor-in-chief recruitment

An effective editor-in-chief (EIC) is critical to sustaining and enhancing a journal's performance. But recruiting, selecting, and coaching new EICs is not always straightforward, with a range of prac …


Copyright at Work

If you've ever been puzzled by copyright questions, don't miss this opportunity to learn from the copyright experts and to expand your respect for intellectual property. Not only will you get answers  …


Copyright in the Proprietary Institution

Lawful use of copyright-protected content for teaching purposes in a proprietary institution differs from use in a non-profit educational setting. This program is intended to provide a quick, but in-d …


Global Copyright Challenges

In business, there are no geographic boundaries. Employees exchange information regardless of where they are located. Yet copyright obligations often vary from one country to the next, creating a comp …


Preprints: Policy and Process Consideration

Acceptance of preprints as a scholarly publications format is growing quickly, with deposits to preprint platforms across many different disciplines surging. With this growth comes important policy an …


The Pragmatic Text Miner

Life science companies rely on published information to fuel innovation. Unfortunately, the search for relevant articles among millions of publications takes time, and can lengthen the road to discove …