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Kostengünstige, einfach zu implementierende und integrierte Lösungen, die den Ressourcenbedarf kleiner und mittelständischer Unternehmen (KMU) unterstützen, sind weiterhin sehr gefragt. Mitarbeiter*innen in diesen Unternehmen müssen eine ganze Reihe von Aufgaben übernehmen, auch wenn die Forschung im Vordergrund stehen muss. Inkonsistente und unterschiedliche Geschäftsmodelle und Methoden zur Beschaffung von Inhalten erhöhen die Herausforderungen für aufstrebende Forschungs-, Biowissenschafts- und Biotech-Organisationen, die oft nicht über Mitarbeiter*innen für diese Aufgaben jenseits der eigentlichen Forschung verfügen.

Im nachfolgenden Beitrag aus dem Blog des Copyright Clearance Centers erfahren Sie, wie RightFind dabei hilft, diesen Herausforderung zu begegnen.

The ability to access and share scientific literature accelerates knowledge and powers innovation. But, oftentimes easily operationalizing and budgeting for access to that literature can be a challenge. To help SME enterprises address that challenge, first with the pilot program with Wiley, and now with expanded offerings, the Publisher Subscriptions through RightFind allows subscribers to switch from on-demand individual article purchases to access vast libraries of content.

With the addition of the JAMA Network and The New England Journal of Medicine, subscribers can get immediate access to up to 7.9 million+ articles from respected peer-reviewed journals by ordering annual subscriptions through RightFind Enterprise.

How it Works

RightFind is the fastest way to find, manage, and collaborate on content – anytime, anywhere. RightFind offers secure access to the most comprehensive collection of scientific, technical, and medical content with customized workflows. CCC’s copyright licenses are integrated to simplify copyright compliance and strengthen collaboration.

Publisher Subscriptions through RightFind provide access to all articles from these high-impact journals at a set annual price, giving researchers immediate access to the latest research without interruption,” said Lauren Tulloch, Vice President and Managing Director, Corporate Solutions, CCC. “Researchers get the convenience of staying in the RightFind workflow.”

New Offerings

“At the JAMA Network, we are interested in providing our readers the most seamless access to the research, opinion, and clinical educational content we publish,” said Vida Damijonaitis, JAMA Network Director of Worldwide Sales. “This partnership with CCC’s RightFind will help us expand our reach and make it easier for our global audience to discover our content.”

Subscribers will have access to more than 200,000 articles from JAMA and JAMA Internal Medicine. Both offer groundbreaking research and insightful commentary from leaders in medicine and health care. The JAMA Network journals are one of the most widely circulated peer-reviewed general medical journals in the world.

The New England Journal of Medicine is a leading medical journal in the general medicine category and is considered an essential journal in 13 medical specialties.

“NEJM is pleased to participate in an innovative new service from CCC that aligns with our goal to meet the information needs of researchers for the highest quality studies in medical science,” said Rob McKinney, Director, NEJM Group Licensing.

CCC is pleased to offer these expanded offerings for SME businesses with less than 500 employees.

Author: Adam Churchill

Adam Churchill is a Product Solutions Manager for CCC, responsible for Document Delivery with RightFind. Adam offers experience working with customers at every level, understanding the problems they're trying to solve, and working with them to achieve the outcomes they desire. Before joining CCC, he was the Director of Online products at UIE and Director of Customer Contact for Valspar. Adam graduated from Salem State College and lives in Danvers, Massachusetts--almost in the shadow of CCC's corporate headquarters--with his wife and two daughters.