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RightFind Suite generates data-driven insights that give R&D-intensive businesses a competitive edge. Flexible, integrated software solutions enable people to collaborate, search, read, discover, share analyze and organize content.

Search & Discover

The RightFind Suite offers a customized and cohesive search experience that equips users with the necessary tools to discover the information that is most applicable to them. By tailoring the search to the context of the user, the Suite can uncover pertinent content for each individual at the optimal moment. Furthermore, semantic search functions leverage built-in taxonomies and ontologies to offer comprehensive search outcomes while maintaining an easy-to-use interface.

RightFind features


Augment data visualization, machine learning, and AI strategies with insights that can only be found in the full text of scientific articles. RightFind Suite solutions make it easier to synthesize scientific literature with knowledge extraction tools to enrich your outcomes. RightFind Suite is a unified source for machine-readable content from 50+ publishers. In addition, copyright compliance is ingrained in your workflow and infringement risks are reduced.

RightFind features

Access, Read, Share & Collaborate

The RightFind Suite is a one-stop solution for knowledge workers to collaborate on content. Your team can access the most comprehensive collection of scientific, technical, and medical content and engage with full-text articles and subscriptions in your organization’s repertory. Shared Libraries aid citation management, storage, and organization while facilitating copyright-compliant collaboration within teams, from simple workspaces to highly customized content workflows based on role.

RightFind features

The RightFind difference

Integrated Suite

Search, discover, access, read, share, store, collaborate on, organize, and analyze content – from articles to clinical trials, competitive intelligence to patents – with solutions that create a unified experience that’s simple to navigate.


RightFind Suite meets your business where it is today and where it is going tomorrow. Combine solutions that will help your business to meet its specialized needs with adaptable and scalable components for your team.

Designed for R&D Intensive Companies

Your R&D team has unique needs. RightFind Suite’s technologies have been formed by a product roadmap driven by Fortune 500 customers.

RightFind Suite

Professionals at R&D-intensive companies can search, discover, read, share, organize, collaborate on and analyze content, and generate data-driven insights with the RightFind Suite - an integrated and flexible set of software solutions.

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Thousands of global organizations - from emerging businesses to multinational enterprises depend on the power of RightFind to accelerate knowledge, power innovation, and advance copyright.

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