Multinational Copyright License:
Pricing, Publications, and Form of License Agreement

Pricing Information

Tariff (effective 1 January 2017)

The following table sets forth the range of per-employee fees charged by RightsDirect under its Multinational Copyright License for companies in each grouping of industries (as determined by standard industrial classifications).  Each industry in a grouping has a specified rate within the range.

Please note that these per-employee fees are charged for company employees located in The Netherlands and other countries of high gross domestic product per person.  Company employees located in countries with lower gross domestic product per person are charged at designated fractions of these per-employee rates in accordance with a “country schedule” applied uniformly to all licensee companies.

Industries Price Range (USD)
Consumer Services
Wholesale & Retail Trade
Clothing, Textiles, Apparel, etc.
Transportation Services & Equipment
Metals including Fabricated Metal Products
$2.50 – $5.60
Business Services
General Finance (Banks, Insurance, Real Estate, Holding)
Membership Organizations
Electrice/Electronic Equipment
Electric and Gas Utilities
Navigation and Guidance Equipment
Agriculture, Food and Tobacco
Lumber, Paper and Allied Products
Stone, Clay and Glass
Rubber Products
$5.61 – $9.65
Aircraft and Aerospace
Electronic Components
Scientific Instruments
Radio, TV, and Communication Equipment
Doctors Offices & General Hospitals
$9.66 – $13.40
Computers, Software & Systems Design
Security & Commodity Brokers
Telecommunications Services
Consulting & (non-scientific) Research
$13.41 – $33.20
Scientific Research
Pharmaceutical & Health Care
Legal Firms $146.26

Publications Covered by the Multinational Copyright License

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Form of Multinational Copyright License Agreement

Click here to see the standard form of RightsDirect’s Multinational Copyright License Agreement.