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CCC Expert View

Explore the interconnections between hundreds of thousands of authors, their publications, and areas of interest

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  • Disambiguate author and institution data through data pipelines with a learning architecture
  • Filter and focus on large data sets
  • View most prolific authors and then delve deeper to view collaborator relationships and publications


  • Draw actionable learnings from a large volume of interconnected data to identify qualified experts in a domain of research
  • Reduce the need for time-consuming manual processes to identify experts among hundreds of thousands of authors

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How can knowledge graphs help your research-based business thrive?

How can people identify researchers and key opinion leaders to speak at conferences, collaborate and form partnerships, endorse products, and inform hiring?

Questions like these provided CCC the impetus to take some experimental work that was happening in-house on data pipelines and build a COVID author graph. In April 2020, CCC released a prototype of a knowledge graph of authors who specialize in COVID and related fields of study. Today, it is the basis for CCC Expert View.

Knowledge graphs allow for the statistical calculation of accuracy and precision, so you can know how good, or how bad, your answers are. Graphs allow for systematic, nimble, and nuanced exploration of relationships and facilitate entry into the data from specific questions, like:

– Who are the top authors in a given domain area?
– Who is working with whom?
– Which topics are being researched at a specific institution?