RightsDirect, a subsidiary of CCC (Copyright Clearance Center), provides advanced information and data integration solutions to organizations throughout Europe and Asia.

A pioneer in voluntary collective licensing, CCC is a leading information solutions provider to organizations around the world. With deep domain expertise in copyright, technology, content, PIDs, FAIR data principles, metadata, and more, CCC works to advance copyright, accelerate knowledge, and power innovation. CCC and its subsidiary RightsDirect help organizations harness the power of data, AI, and machine learning to drive strategic decision-making, grow their businesses, and gain competitive advantage. 

RightsDirect was established in Amsterdam in 2010. Since then, the RightsDirect team has worked closely with our reproduction rights organization (RRO) partners around the world to create licensing and content solutions that make copyright work globally. In 2014, RightsDirect expanded to Japan to enhance relationships with RROs in Japan and explore opportunities to advance copyright solutions for the Japanese business community  jointly with Japan Academic Association for Copyright Clearance (JAC), based on the bilateral agreement between CCC and JAC.

RightsDirect acts as an agent for Copyright Clearance Center, Danvers, Massachusetts, USA.  RightsDirect issues licenses to business organizations headquartered in any country in the world other than the USA, and authorizes the use of copyrighted works within the scope of its licenses to those licensed employees located anywhere in the world (including the USA). RightsDirect has the legal form of a Besloten Vennootschap (BV).  According to Dutch law, a BV cannot have members in the same sense that a collective management organization has members; thus, RightsDirect has no members.

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