Multinational Copyright License

One license, global reuse and storage rights to millions of content sources

A trusted licensing solution that complements an organization’s publisher agreements and subscriptions by providing a consistent set of reuse and storage rights across a broad repertory of titles.

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  • Increase efficiencies by reducing the amount of time spent verifying rights and obtaining individual permissions
  • Support compliant collaboration across global teams to drive business forward
  • Complement existing publisher agreements, subscriptions, and other content purchases to alleviate inconsistencies in coverage, helping maximize the value of content investments in compliance with copyright


  • Provide a consistent set of global reuse and storage rights across millions of publications from thousands of publishers
  • Demonstrate respect for the intellectual property of others and a commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Easily verify authorized reuse rights anytime within existing workflows
  • Minimize infringement risk

What you can do with the Multinational Copyright License

  • Reuse

    • Email a PDF of a journal article to a colleague in conjunction with a collaborative project you are working on together
    • Post an article to the intranet for employee awareness
    • Submit supporting articles to a government authority as required as part of a regulatory or patent filing
  • Store

    • Store documents related to a project to corporate-owned hard drives, network, or collaboration tool for use by the project team
    • Save articles as supporting documentation for projects and/ or internal use product literature databases
  • Copy

    • Distribute photocopies of a newspaper article at an internal meeting
    • Print out material that contains portions of a copyrighted work onto handouts for an internal presentation

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Collaborate and simplify

With a single license from RightsDirect, you can rest easy knowing your entire organization has the rights to legally reuse and store content from the most valued journals, blogs, news publications, and more. Our solutions cover a full range of information sources trusted by business professionals in every industry, from life sciences to financial services.

View your rights instantly

Included with the Multinational Copyright License, RightFind Advisor offers the quickest, most reliable way for employees to confirm rights included in the license to reuse lawfully acquired content, all without leaving their workflow. Integrated document delivery from the world’s largest pay-per-view selection of scientific, technical and medical content gives users timely access to the information they need when they need it.

Collaborate with colleagues worldwide

Companies rely on the efficient exchange of information, from research and industry news to workforce trends and legislative reform, to advance business objectives. In global organizations, this exchange of information often crosses geographic borders, presenting a unique compliance challenge as copyright obligations often vary from one country to another. The Multinational Copyright License minimizes that complexity by providing an enterprise-wide, single source, global licensing solution that empowers your entire company to collaborate using published content, accelerate business results, and simplify copyright compliance across geographic borders.

Receive ongoing support

Licensees receive access to resources to help educate employees and assist with developing and promoting compliance programs. Instructor-led trainings incorporate group discussions, question and answer sessions, and analysis of real-world scenarios.
In addition, licensees have access to our online Customer Resource Center which includes:

  • Videos about international copyright, in multiple languages
  • Reports, market research, and European Commission initiatives related to copyright
  • Tools and guidelines
  • Up-to-date international copyright news