CLA & CCC Joint Multinational Copyright Licence

Streamlined licensing for UK-headquartered companies

UK companies and their worldwide subsidiaries who operate in research-intensive industries face a range of copyright management challenges. The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) and CCC (Copyright Clearance Center) have created a solution.

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  • A single licence that offers a consistent set of reuse rights across a broad repertory of titles that enables teams to more easily collaborate using content from a wide range of sources, simplifying copyright compliance
  • The Joint Multinational Licence lets employees reuse content from millions of UK, American, and international information sources while respecting the intellectual property rights of others


  • Increase efficiencies by reducing the amount of time spent verifying rights and obtaining individual permissions
  • Provide a consistent set of global reuse rights across millions of publications from thousands of publishers
  • Make it easy to verify authorized reuse rights anytime within existing workflows
  • Reuse

    • Email a PDF of a journal article to a colleague in conjunction with a collaborative project you are working on together
    • Host a competitive intelligence collaboration site for project teams that includes news articles, published literature, press releases, market reports, and other content related to direct competitors
    • Embed a PDF of a recent article about the company into an internal company newsletter or post it to the company’s intranet site for employee awareness
  • Store

    • Store a copy of a purchased article on the company intranet for use by a project team
    • Scan printed works into digital form when an electronic version of the work is not readily available
    • Annotate and store copies of articles in a company's internal database
  • Share

    • Share an article with a client who requests more information about a product or service on an unsolicited basis
    • Annotate and submit supporting articles to a government agency as required as part of a regulatory or patent filing
    • Share a PDF version of recent news about the company in a briefing to the company’s Board of Directors

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Reduce Challenges

It is easy to share content with colleagues around the world in this electronic age. The CLA & CCC Joint Multinational Licence reduces the challenges of storing documents in personal databases, submitting regulatory support to government agencies, and even emailing PDFs.

Once licence, millions of rights

The CLA & CCC Joint Multinational Copyright Licence offers a consistent set of reuse rights in partnership with tens of thousands of rightsholders and publishers.

Demonstrate respect for intellectual property

Employees are enabled to reuse content from millions of information sources while demonstrating a business’ commitment to corporate social responsibility, respect for intellectual property, and regard for researchers and their work.

Free copyright education and resources

Licencees receive access to resources to help educate employees and assist with developing and promoting compliance programs. Instructor-led trainings incorporate group discussions, question and answer sessions, and analysis of real-world scenarios.

In addition, licencees have access to our online Customer Resource Center which includes:

  • Videos about international copyright, in multiple languages
  • Reports, market research, and European Commission initiatives related to copyright
  • Tools and guidelines
  • Up-to-date international copyright news

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