Pay-Per-Use Permissions for Business

Acquire permissions and purchase content for millions of works from thousands of global publishers on CCC Marketplace.

Pay-Per-Use services are available on CCC Marketplace and enable users to quickly search, find, and purchase permissions and content, including journal articles and reprints, from thousands of publishers around the world.

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  • CCC Marketplace is the easiest way to order content and secure high-quality, copyright-compliant bulk article reprints and ePrints from thousands of publishers and societies around the world
  • Get content and secure copyright permissions for medical communications, publications, and business and academia


  • Search, order, and track permissions requests with ease for more than 175 million works from 24,000+ STM publishers
  • View account activity and manage permissions and content orders – all in one place
  • Work smarter with a one-stop resource for pay-per-use and content needs

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Pay-Per-Use Permissions allow you to get permissions and order content and reprints from publishers around the world.

Pay-Per-Use Services are available on CCC Marketplace, a self-service, e-commerce site that enables people in business and higher education to quickly search, find, and purchase permissions and content.

Permissions allow people to use and share content from the world’s leading titles in science, technology, and medicine, humanities, news, business, finance, and more.

Purchase content, including journal articles, on CCC Marketplace.

Pay-Per-Use Services also allow people to request article reprints from thousands of publishers around the world. Using CCC Marketplace you can search and obtain results at the article and/or chapter level and purchase multiple permissions for a project such as a coursepack or Medical Communications project.