Deep Search Solutions

Access automated capabilities that gather, analyze, and deliver targeted data from a range of online sources

Customer success

We use deep search solutions to recognize trends and hotspots as early as possible – before the trend becomes commercialized and therefore known to the market.

Global Pharmaceutical Company


  • Gather, enrich, and deliver targeted intelligence
  • Discover the unknown with tailored insights from relevant online sources
  • Get insights when you need them—hourly, daily, weekly or at any set cadence you need
  • Craft customized data sets


  • Sharpen your competitive edge with highly relevant intelligence
  • Enrich and classify data with your preferred ontologies to get the specific content you need on-demand
  • Find insights your competition doesn’t have access to with curated databases

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What is Deep Search?

In the early 2000s, people began to consider how to search the breadth of content across the internet when it isn’t indexed by standard search engines. This was the beginning of deep search.

For businesses, Deep Search Solutions from CCC gather targeted intelligence from data sources you choose and from relevant content types, leveraging ontologies that are meaningful to your company. The result is a view into a broad set of data that makes sense for your business and offers actionable insights for your teams.

All the market intelligence you need, without the noise

Many businesses struggle to provide their team — from top management to front-line staff — with easy access to the most relevant information and analytic insights. Deep Search Solutions can provide a competitive edge helping your team to get first access to information in an efficient and resource-saving manner. These solutions help to streamline the process from gathering and analyzing information to informing strategic decisions.

Deep Search Solutions are available today. Future plans include robust integration with the RightFind suite of solutions.