Multinational Copyright Licence

One licence, global reuse rights to millions of content sources

The Multinational Copyright Licence is a trusted licencing solution that complements an organisation’s publisher agreements and subscriptions by providing a consistent set of reuse rights across a broad repertory of titles. This enables teams to more easily collaborate using content from a wide range of sources, simplifying copyright compliance, driving innovation, and providing resources that educate employees about the importance of copyright.

  • Increases efficiencies by reducing the amount of time spent verifying rights and obtaining individual permissions
  • Provides a consistent set of global reuse rights across millions of publications from thousands of publishers
  • Demonstrates an organisation’s respect for the intellectual property of others and commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Support compliant collaboration across global teams to drive business forward
  • Complements existing publisher agreements, subscriptions, and other content purchases to alleviate inconsistencies in coverage, helping organisations maximize the value of their content investments in compliance with copyright
  • Makes it easy to verify authorized reuse rights anytime within existing workflows
  • Minimises infringement risk
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One Licence, Many Benefits

What you can do with the
Multinational Copyright Licence

3 in 1

1. Reuse

Email a PDF of a journal article to a colleague in conjunction with a collaborative project you are working on together

Post an article to the intranet  for employee awareness

Submit supporting articles to government authoritas required as part of a regulatory or patent filing

2. Store

Store documents related to a project to corporate-owned hard drivesnetwork, or collaboration tool for use by the project team

Save articles as supporting documentation for  projects and/ or internal use product literature databases 

3. Copy

Distribute photocopies of a newspaper article at an internal meeting

Print out material that contains portions of a copyrighted work onto handouts for an internal presentation

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