Genmab addresses its critical information needs with tools that allow researchers to get the information they need, when they need it, all while remaining copyright-compliant.

Because Genmab takes great care to protect its own intellectual property, the biotechnology company also recognizes the need to protect the intellectual property of others. Since doing the right thing is a key component to the company’s mission, they work hard to respect copyright.

Genmab decided to secure RightsDirect’s Multinational Copyright License, as well as implement the RightFind® solution, which delivers need-to-know STM content quickly, displays available usage rights, and analyzes content spend.

With RightFind, Genmab researchers can verify in seconds if their organization has a subscription to a journal and where they can find the content. In addition, RightFind indicates available permissions for each article, allowing researchers to concentrate on developing drugs.

As a combined solution, the Multinational Copyright License and RightFind work together to let researchers share information with team members, store articles for later use, provide required information to regulatory officials, and make it easy for Genmab’s researchers to remain compliant, so they can concentrate on saving lives.

[With our current solution], we have one portal where we get our articles from, and our scientists don't need to think about [compliance.] This is all built into the system.

Frank Rebers Director of the Project Management Office, Genmab

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