RightFind® Insight

Discover. Enrich. Connect

Organizations look to turn information into knowledge to accelerate the pace of innovation. But with an average 8,000* scientific articles published every day, finding relevant, trusted information isn’t easy. How can researchers stay on top of the latest research and information to make connections and discover new relationships?

RightFind® Insight, powered by the SciBite platform,, brings the power of semantic enrichment to the search and reading experience to turn information into knowledge and accelerate new discoveries.

Solution Benefits

  • Find the relevant biomedical concepts faster in scientific literature with SciBite’s 36 biomedical ontologies.
  • Quickly determine if a full-text document is relevant to your work before investing time and resources reading the document.
  • Reveal undiscovered connections across vast amounts of content to expose new insights.
  • Simplify search and discovery with ontology backed automatic synonym expansion.
  • Showcase the strategic value of information services by leveraging state-of-the-art semantic enrichment technology.
  • On-the-fly document enrichment to quickly navigate to relevant concepts when reading the full text.