RightFind® Navigate

Maximize the ROI of your digital information investment 

R&D-intensive companies must accelerate research and drive innovation to compete effectively, but when content is locked away in silos it hinders discoverability and slows research.  To maximize the value of digital information, organizations must eliminate silos to make content more discoverable and accessible.

RightFind Navigate breaks down inefficiencies caused by information silos by bringing together scientific literature, preprints, global life science patents, information on clinical trials, drugs, and projects from publicly available data sources with licensed content and internal proprietary data in a single intuitive interface. Navigate also helps make information connections to power innovation, maximizes the value of an organization’s content and data investments, and enables knowledge workers to quickly find relevant information.

Key Capabilities 

  • Unify data sources:  Eliminate data silos to increase awareness of content resources and maximize the value of your digital information assets. 
  • Personalize the search experience: Find the right content for each knowledge worker at the right time. 
  • Smarter information discovery: Perform aggregated search via a unified search experience that enables connections across multiple data sources. 
  • Enable insights: Explore information relationships with semantically enriched, dynamic visualizations that help to uncover connections and enrich the R&D pipeline with new ideas. 
  • Seamless RightFind Enterprise integration: Centralize content discovery and access to RightFind’s catalog of over 120 million citations and 2.4 million open access articles while strengthening copyright-compliant collaboration to drive innovation.