How communications and technology solutions leader Verizon enabled 180,000 employees around the world to innovate and collaborate effectively without putting the company at risk of copyright infringement.

Verizon is committed to the highest ethical standards and takes all compliance issues, including copyright, seriously. But with almost 180,000 employees around the world using published information to do their jobs, the company’s compliance group wanted to minimize any possibility of copyright infringement by staff. Despite a rigorous program already in place, complying with copyright on such a large scale presented several challenges. For Verizon, taking a comprehensive approach to copyright compliance requires more than just a copyright policy. Learn how Verizon uses compliance solutions and copyright education from Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to reduce that risk and give employees the freedom to collaborate responsibly when using published content and video.

Employees want to be able to reuse copyrighted content such as newspaper and magazine articles, books, blog postings and video content in all formats from as many titles as possible. And they want an easy verification process to know what rights have been granted to them when they go to use that content”

Patrick Flaherty Assistant General Counsel for Trademarks and Copyrights at Verizon

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